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No story, no characters, just the title


The posters and the trailers of the film seem to be enticing like every Bhatt film. Richa Chadha in her trailer looks fabulous as ever and suits the role perfectly.

But here’s the real deal. The man behind the film, Kaushtav Narayan Niyogi, wasn’t given a story for the film nor was he given a character to base his film on, Believe it or not, he was only told the title of the film, i.e CABARET.

When Niyogi was approached by the Bhatts for the film, he was only told that a film was to be made around the title, CABARET. All said and done, the film looks great with Richa in the lead.

We have also heard that Kaushtav will be writing the script of JISM 3 which will be directed by Pooja Bhatt. NathaliaKaur has been roped into play the lead in the film along with Jackie Shroff . We hope Niyogi wasn’t given just the title of the film for this one also.