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No selfies for Varun!


In these times of ‘any publicity is good publicity’, Varun Dhawan begs to differ. This was in relation to the controversy whipped up over the Sikh community objecting to a song in Varun’s upcoming DISHOOM. The song portrays Jacqueline Fernandez shimmying with a small dagger attached to her belt which some sections of the community saw as disrespectful to the kirpan.

Varun avers that there are two ways to handle the issue. Some welcome a controversy as it helps the film grab more attention but he feels that being a Punjabi himself he knows the importance of the kirpan and wouldn’t ever want to hurt anybody’s sentiments. The entire controversy was proved to be a non-issue as the dagger being worn in an Arabic one during their shoot in Morocco.

Nevertheless the shot was taken out of the song as the Censor Board desired. Varun admits that it has become an open playing field for anyone to object to any and everything nowadays. He believes it has always been like that, ever since he can remember since his journey in Bollywood began. He remembers the time he was an assistant director on MY NAME IS KHAN and the film was going to be banned. There were a lot of protests and Varun, along with the other ADs, had gone to the theatre with T-shirts printed with the film’s title and they were actually escorted into a police van – this was more to ensure they wouldn’t be harmed.

With the hullabaloo created in recent times by the Censor Board, he admits that he does hold back a little but he feels that the whole industry coming together to fight the curbs on UDTA PUNJAB, has been a blessing in disguise. He recalls that when he had done BADLAPUR, no one stood up for him. Ditto when DILWALE ran into trouble and Shah Rukh faced a lot of problems, no one stood up for him. Everyone coming together collectively for UDTA PUNJAB is how issues like this need to be tackled, he believes.

Another issue he feels strongly about is the obsession with social media. He feels this over-accessibility of technology is dangerous. Speaking of the situation in the film I, ROBOT where the robots want to take over the world, he feels that the time is not far when this could actually become the reality. As many pros as there are with social media, the cons are equally real. He believes one really can’t be oneself on social media. For instance, he cannot use the casual bad words he occasionally uses in daily life, on social media. Also the time he had jumped in to defend Sonakshi Sinha who was trolled on Twitter, with a smartass comment – that comment of his back-fired badly and he was attacked with all kinds of invective.

The lure of social media has definitely dimmed for Varun, who today has no interest in uploading selfies on Instagram. He says, he is done with it. In fact he goes so far as to say that excessive sharing has been identified as an illness which can be harmful. And then he goes and tops that with declaring that it’s the celebs have to be blamed for this trend!

Also seriously trending now is Varun’s sex symbol ratings – with his to-die-for bod and chiseled good looks, he is definitely not short of attention. Mention this to the dude and he laughingly reveals that every time someone calls him a sex icon, for some reason the Snoop Dogg song ‘Sexual Eruption’ starts playing in his head. That said, he confesses that this is not the way things play out in reality.
Our confession: we suspect reality is even better!