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No, Sacred Games star Saif Ali Khan is not joining Instagram


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Earlier today we were received the news of Saif Ali Khan joining Instagram, every fan of saif ‘s welcomed him to social media but hold on.

While the internet has been buzzing with rumours of Saif Khan Khan making his big social media debut on Instagram, sources reveal that there is no truth to what is being reported.

Though there has been ample speculation given that the announcement was made from Saif son’s Ibrahim’s account, official sources clarify that Ibrahim’s account was hacked prior to the post and will resume shortly once retrieved.

Sources earlier said that the page will not be handled by Saif but by his PR and management team. To interact with his fans, the actor will interact with is fans every month on Instagram. In the live sessions fans can ask questions about his upcoming projects and life.

Putting an end to the speculation, clarifies Saif Ali Khan’s spokesperson, “The reports floating are completely untrue .Saif Ali Khan is not on Instagram or on any other social media platform for that matter. We are in the process of investigating the matter.”