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No one makes money like Salman


Salman Khan in Sultan

No matter what people call him behind his back, the fact is that when Salman Khan is on screen there cannot be anyone as enthralling, at least in Bollywood.

There are people who are still trying their level best to make sure that he is pulled down, either for his non-diplomatic way of speaking or raking in his fights from another life time, the fact is that when Salman Khan does his job, he delivers. He delivers the fastest crores and there is really no one else who does it with his swag.

What more he does it being Salman Khan, there is never been a character he has played that contradicts the person he is. “The best thing about Salman Khan is that his fans love him, they don’t love the characters he plays…. They love his films because they love him. Now over the last few years, he has been reciprocating their love by working really hard on his films and it is showing. He is making stuff that is responsible, nothing crass. He might not have the most intellectual films to his credit but they are all heart, just like him,” quipped our trade pundits.