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No Deepika for Kapil Sharma


Although he has an immense fan following, Kapil Sharma can’t pin-point on why top actress don’t want to work with him

In spite of having a fan following that can give some of the top Bollywood stars a huge complex, comedian turned actor Kapil Sharma says that big filmmaker don’t want to cast him opposite A-list actresses.

“Till date I haven’t got any offers to star opposite Deepika (Padukone) or Katrina (Kaif). Did ask Karan Johar about this once, maybe they don’t like my physic. Till I am working on my film, I workout a lot and then after that I eat my parathas. Maybe they don’t like my image. I hope I will get offers. I would love to be a part of commercial films that appeal to people from all generations. I saw a film with had a kissing scene with my mom and it was very awkward moment for me,” recalls Kapil.

Albeit he may not work not work with his favourite actress on the big screen yet, he has postponed his new film ‘Firangi’ to fill ‘Padmavati’s’ space. “It’s the destiny of the film to release on December 1. If I will not Deepika’s date then who else will, after all we are family,” jokes Kapil but adds, “Honestly, I am not happy that we have got Padmavati’s date. It takes immense if hard work to make a film. Their film has generated a huge buzz and whenever it will release it will make good business. I wish them all the luck.” When asked to choose between Deepika and a good script, Kapil chose Deepika without even flinching.

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Though there have been rare moments when he was offered a big budget movie like ‘Mubarakan’ but couldn’t do it has he already had a lot of commitments. “I have been offered good films from good directors like David Dhawan wanted to work with me. Mubarakan was offered to me first and I even loved the script but couldn’t do it due to my commitment for my TV show,” he says.

The infamous comedian has been in the news lately for his starry attitudes after which his show was taken off-air. But that has not led him to swear off television. Kapil reveals that he will be back with his show before April.

“My show will come out before April. We still need to decide on the format. It will be a comedy show for sure otherwise why would anyone want to see me give gyan,” Kapil ends on a funny note.