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Nirbhay Wadhwa’s pet love!


Actor Nirbhay Wadhwa, who was last seen in Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman, has great fondness for animals. Right from his childhood in the Pink city Jaipur, Nirbhay has been inclined towards street dogs and animals who have been suffering. Nirbhay says, “I have always been passionate about animals. Whether it was a street dog or a domestic animal like cow and buffalo, I was always attracted towards them. I used to be very disturbed when the municipal corporation workers would take dogs from the road. My heart would weep. I also had pets — two dogs. One was a Great Dane called Remo and another adopted street dog. Then I had a Weimaraner — a breed, which is also known as ghost dog. His name was Mogli. He became paralysed after growing old and we got a special car for him so that he could go out.”

Currently he has four dogs — two in Jaipur and two in Mumbai. He is extremely sensitive and emotional when it comes to his pets. He adds, “Dogs are my family. I cannot think of my life without them. In Mumbai I own a street dog whose name is Tikli and also an American Pitbull whom I have named Kalia. They wait for me everyday. In Jaipur I have two dogs who are at my in laws house currently. The greatest learning I have got from my dog is to stay positive! My pets never allow me to be depressed. They are always happy and spread happiness and joy wherever they are. I am planning to buy a land somewhere and will like to do something for street dogs. They are always hungry and not taken care by anyone. I would also like to encourage people to adopt street dogs. They also need home, family.”