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Nikhil Thampi… Dressing The Bride 


Katrina Kaif is one of the most beautiful faces I have seen, it could be described as “God-crafted”. Her style, however, is an aspect that is unexplored and there is a lot she could do in terms of experimenting with that beautiful face and her stunning body. Her looks and her dancing skills would be her strong points for me.

Since she has a sculpted look, I would go with a very modern silhouette for her. The one word that comes to my mind for her as a bride would be “minimalistic”, which is why the colour palette I would use for her would consist of muted tones. She would be a personality who would be able to adorn an outfit that would be intricate yet not too loud in terms of colour and detailing. (Sangeet/ cocktail)


glam anchor 2Just one word for DeepikaPadukone – Ace! She would easily score an 8 or 9 on 10 in every aspect, be it her looks, her acting, her style, everything! She is someone who has touched every Indian heart through her acting and her persona. She is an amicable person and the masses connect to her. Her fashion sense is par excellence. What I love about her is that she is always up to experimenting. When it comes to acting, she is path-breaking. From being the girl-next-door to a rebel to an absolute die-hard lover to a visually impaired skater-girl, she is convincing in each and every role till date. Her strengths would be her looks, her acting skills and most importantly her body. She has a flawless body that can carry anything and everything effortlessly.

Deepika is very angelic and the colours she carries best would be gold and white as that would completely synchronise with her personality. (Mehendi/ Sangeet)


glam anchor 3Priyanka Chopra is the jack of all trades! Be it acting, singing, dancing, she is a global figure and it is amazing how she has evolved over the years. For me she is one of the most versatile and hard-working actresses in the Indian film industry. Her strengths would be her voice as she is a great singer and her acting skills, of course. She is very enterprising.

As Priyanka’s skin tone is dusky, I would either play with bright colour tones like a vermillion or a red or then completely muted colour tones like gold. Her personality is bold which is why she will pull off these colours incredibly well. (Reception)


KanganaRanaut is one of my personal favourites. She is a complete surprise package. She came with only talent to back her up. She is a great example of an evolved personality. She is a face that the youth connects to immensely. Be it Indianglam anchor 5, western, Boho-chic, high-street, couture – she can carry everything with absolute panache. What takes me by surprise about her is that whatever she adorns, her personality and her presence are so strong that it over-powers everything. Her acting skills, her command over the language makes her the queen!

KanganaRanaut would be the woman who would break the norms of traditional embroidery and lehengas and would dare to be different, which is why a white dress with metal embroidery would be the perfect fit for her. As a designer, I believe white is a colour she dons the best which is why the outfit. Also Kangana is a personality that would adorn outfits that are minimalistic yet statement and fashion forward. (Reception)


glam anchor 4Alia Bhatt is like a cocoon waiting to break into a butterfly! She is very effortless in front of the camera. She has a very beautiful Indian face that can complement anything and everything. Her personality has different colours, from naughty to innocent to full-of-life and that is something I love. The right balance in an actress between naughty and nice is her strong point and I personally love her hair so that again for me is a strong point.

Alia is a young girl and her personality is very innocent and outgoing at the same time which is why I would opt for more edgy outfits with sharper silhouettes and something that is youth-oriented. (Mehendi/ cocktail)