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Nidhhi Agerwal is living her dream


Debutant Nidhhi Agerwal is living her dream. The model-turned-actor may have lost the coveted Miss Indian pageant, but that did not deter her from making her dream come true. From dancing on the Miss India stage to dancing opposite one of the best dancers in Bollywood, Nidhhi has definitely left her fellow contestants far behind. The newcomer is not just romancing Tiger Shroff but also opposite versatile actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui. Talking about her bond with her co-actors, Nidhhi says that with Tiger her chemistry is very romantic and with Nawaz it is very interesting. Excerpts from the interview…

Was it always your dream to be an actor?

Yes, I always wanted to be an actor. As clichéd as it may sound, I was obsessed with the TV and always wanted to be inside that TV, but I am from a middle-class family so it just seems as a distant possibility. But in the back of my mind I always knew it would happen and today that dream has come true. So, for me this is nothing short of a miracle.

How was the audition process for the film?

I heard about auditions for a movie called Munna Michel as the title was already decided then. We had four rounds of auditions, first round was acting, then dancing, then a meeting and then there was one where they wanted to see a video of a dance and the video of me enacting a scene.

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How was Tiger as a co-star?

I am so happy that Tiger is my co-star. Your first film and your first co-star is very special. Tiger has been very helpful and very sweet. He always helped me before a scene. I could ask him the most stupid questions, as technically I knew nothing as I had never been on a set before in my life, and he would still answer it. We also got along really well.

You said so yourself that it was difficult to match up to Tiger’s dancing skills so how helpful has he been during the dance sequences?

When it comes to dancing I can’t match up to Tiger definitely. I didn’t even try to match up to him, I just tried to do my best to do justice to the choreography and try to enjoy myself. Tiger is a dancer on another level, so I just tried to take the pressure off me. Also, when you are working with someone who is so good, then it strives you to do better. I really pushed myself and rehearsed a lot. I even took my fitness very seriously and even mentally I tried to push myself a lot to do what I did.

In spite of being a trained dancer you faced difficulties matching up to Tiger?

Our style of dancing is very different. Tiger’s style is a lot of Hip-Hop which is very fast paced and my style is Ballet, which is very soft and slow. So matching up to him was very difficult. But it doesn’t matter what style you are trained in, if you are a trained dancer in any dance form then it becomes easier to pick-up any other dancer form. But doing Tiger’s style is very difficult.

Any scene or song where you felt stuck and Tiger came to the rescue?

Every scene (laughs). Sometimes just facing the camera, or opening your eyes in front of such bright lights and other small things like that he has helped me a lot.

What was your first scene and how the experience of filming it?

My first scene was actually my introduction song in the movie. That was a quintessential Ganesh Acharya song with expressions and Bollywood gradients that you found find in his songs. So, it was my FIRST day on the set and it was so different from my zone. Just to understand the feel of the set was so surreal. The whole experience was like learning how to swim but throwing someone in the deep end and let them learn on their own. It was do or die for me at that time.

While Tiger is a dancer Nawaz is not, so how easy was it dancing with him?

I didn’t have a lot of dancing scenes with Nawaz sir, but it was great to work with him. Nawaz sir would come on sets and say “Arrey yaar me ne kabhi zindagi me dance nahi kiya hai, party me bhi nahi” (laughs). He was very nervous about the dancing part of the film but when you watch the film everyone will be surprised.

Did you teach him any ballet move?

No, but he did learn one move from Tiger and now he is flaunting it everywhere (laughs). He is also got very good at it. But I think I should teach him at least one ballet move. I think he would look very cool doing it.

How you did you develop the chemistry with Tiger and Nawaz?

With Tiger it was organic, we just got along really well. He is a genuine person and I am very fond of him. Over time we have become really good friends so doing the love scenes was also very easy with him. With Nawaz sir, my chemistry is very different. There is no love song, but the chemistry is very different. With Tiger the chemistry is very romantic and with Nawaz sir it is very interesting.

What are your expectations from the movie?

Right now I am just aiming for people to watch the movie and the audience to like and accept me. That is all I want right now. That is the base for everything else, if people like me then even directors will want to work with me.

Any directors or actor you really want to work with?

There some people whose movies I really like. But I am not at that stage right now where I can pin-point and say that I want to work with this person. Once I have reached that stage I will. Right now, I just hope that they want to work with me and that is enough for now.