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Neha Dhupia’s talk show is scoring a march in terms of sensational revelations


With Karan Johar’s ‘Koffee with Karan’ not quite as steamy as sessions in the past, it’s ironically the far lesser known Neha Dhupia’s audio talk show on a music website that is scoring a march in terms of sensational revelations.

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The latest episode features cricketer Yuvraj Singh as a guest this week. Living up to the name, we have heard a shocking revelation from the otherwise suave cricket sensation.

Neha shed light on his shocking dressing style as a teenager and said “So there is this point where I remember and a lot of people remember, considering you and I know each other 17 years now and we’ve clarified that, you used to dress up like a badass rapper, like there was a time when you had a thick gold chain, you used to have leather pants on and what happened? When did you suddenly become fashionable?”

With good humour, Yuvraj Singh revealed, “That’s how we evolve and I was 19 years old, I had no sense of dressing. Suddenly I was playing for India and I had the money, I just bought whatever was fancy and I thought that was really cool at that time. Yeah, I had a very thick chain and I still wear the cap how I used to. But then, that was the style. So, when I look at my pictures now I normally say – ‘Oh my God! Is that really me?'”

More revelations were in store, as the two childhood friends exchanged banter. Known for his sense of humour and outspoken attitude, Yuvraj Singh did not disappoint in the show and revealed that Neha Dhupia has the worst technique in running and he hoped she was working on it!

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When Neha joked about how on their holiday to Goa, he made her run sprints just so that he and Angad Bedi could have a good laugh, he remarked saying – “Well, I remember you saying ‘I’m an army girl, I can run’. And that is the worst women’s technique I have ever seen in running, I must tell you that. I hope you’re improving on that.” Shocked, she replied saying “So basically, you’re just telling the entire country that I don’t know how to run!” which he laughed off! …Butter for fat. We like!