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Nawazuddin’s new weapon, a Golf Club



Without much noise, Nawazuddin makes sure he releases his films and shocks or surprises everyone with his performances. On the basis of his talent solely, Nawazuddin Siddhiqui is a name that’s been taken more often than any other actor these days. His journey cannot be termed as short as it’s a mix of many years of struggle and new found success. Having worked with the all the best actors and directors in the past few years, as a hero or a villain, Nawazuddin has redefined the term actor.

In his next film, Freaky Ali, he plays a golfer. Not much has been revealed about the film but from what we know, film traces the story of an extortionist who turns into a star golf player in a bid to win the love of his life. Amy Jackson will star opposite Nawaz in the film as his love interest. The film was shot in Mumbai, Delhi and Pune, within a span of 40 days.

Freaky Ali is being promoted and presented by the Khan-dan, Arbaaz Khan, Sohail Khan and Salman Khan. Talking about the inspiration for this film, Sohail said, “I’ve been practicing the game (golf) for the last one year and it has taught me the virtue of patience. That’s where the concept of FREAKY ALI struck me. It was delighting to have wrapped up the film in 40 days with shoots in Mumbai, Delhi and Pune and within a certain budget. This is the first time my production costs have run into single digits.”