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Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s dancing swag


The actor has been able to touch a cord with audience as they relate to his everyman dancing skills

Although actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui has been known for his versatile acting, recently he has been showing off his dancing capabilities as well. Though it has not been an easy task to teach Nawaz. “It was fun teaching sir. Since he has never danced before, we had to rehearse every step at least a 100 times,” says dancing teacher and co-star Tiger Shroff.

The “MOM” actor will be playing the role of a tapori gangster who tries to learn how to dance to Impress his lady love. While people have been enjoying Nawaz as he represents an average Indian male’s dancing skills, his kids are rather embarrassed. “My kids bow their head in shame when they see me dance,” the actor said.

Talking more about dancing in the film the actor says, “I was happy to get those insecurity out of my mind with regards to dancing. I was initially very scared but slowly I opened up.”

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“Difficult steps he can do easily. But easy steps is very difficult,” Tiger added about his student.

Albeit for Tiger, Munna is a double whammy as he can pay tribute to his icon Michael Jackson from dancing and to his father with his Munna avatar. “Sabbir has given me an opportunity to exploit my talent. When I think about Munna I immediately picture my father. It is a double whammy that I can represent Michele and be like my father,” says Tiger.

Apart from Munna, Tiger also dubbed for the Hindi version of Spiderman and will also start shooting for the Hollywood remake of the action film Rambo. “It is very overwhelming when people from Hollywood are complementing me. It was a great boost from me and the crew of Rambo to get a thumbs up from Sylvester Stallone. Tom Holland appreciation was a high for me,” says Tiger when asked about the support and encouragement he has been getting from the west.