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Nawazuddin Siddique cannot stop grinning


There was a time when life wasn’t so comfortable, there was a time when movies weren’t come and yet, there is today when Nawazuddin Siddique is the name to reckon with.

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The biggest Khans are pitching their dialogues with him and waiting to see the fans go bonkers, because when Nawaz comes alive onscreen everyone in the frame gets superlative. Yes, even the Khans.

With the teaser for Raees making the numbers, Nawaz has been getting congratulatory calls all day, “It is nice to see people reaching out to you, there was a time I was desperately trying to reach out to people too.

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Today, all my hardwork has paid off. I don’t have any big aspirations having reached here. All I want is to keep getting work,” he modestly stated when we reached out to him for quotes.