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Namish Taneja ‘bares’ it for a show


Namish Taneja says he has done a bare-chested sequence for the first time for a TV show. To participate in a college competition, his character will be seen enacting the character of Lord Shiva and perform ‘tandav’ in the Star Plus show “Ikyawann”.

“When I was a kid, I used to play young Krishna and Ram in Ramlila. I was so fascinated with Shiva’s attire that every year, I used to tell the organisers to give me a chance to play Shiva’s character,” Namish said.

“However, every time they brutally denied my request. Finally, after a long wait, I manifested what I wanted to do as a kid. Although it’s a very short time, I am super excited because I got an opportunity to play Lord Shiva and secondly for the first time I did a bare-chested sequence,” he added.

It took Namish two and a half hours to dress up and look as Lord Shiva.