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My love story with Tom Cruise was pretty sudden: Nicole Kidman


Oscar-winning actress Nicole Kidman said that her love story with ex husband Tom Cruise was very sudden, says PTI. They both met on the sets of “Days of Thunder” and they instantly became one of the most famous celebrity couples in the world. But according to the actress it was never planned, reported CBS News.

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“It was pretty sudden. But, you know, when I fell in love, everything else was like, ehhh! I was distracted,” she said.

Kidman revealed that she channelled her personal anguish over the break-up through her role of British author Virginia Woolf in 2002’s “The Hours”. Talking about the movie, Kidman said, “Yeah.

I mean, I was deeply sad at the time. So then I sort of… just kind of got lost in her. And it all sounds sort of mumbo-jumbo crazy stuff, but it kind of saved my life.” Kidman is now married to country singer Keith Urban, and they have two daughters together.