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My kids influence my work-related decisions: Smita Bansal


Smita Bansal says that her two children play an important role in all the decisions that she makes including those that are related to her work. “My children do play a very important part in every decision that I make. They do influence my work-related decisions also,” Smita said.

In fact, one of the reasons why she didn’t want to play negative roles in the initial stage of her career was because of her family. “It’s not like I mind taking up negative roles but initially yes, when I started my career I made a choice that I didn’t want to do negative roles because of certain things. For instance, I came from a family which didn’t want me to take up acting in the first place. So if I played a negative role… how the audience would have perceived and connected with the character….”

Smita has now bagged a role in “Nazar” — a supernatural fantasy drama set in modern India. “Supernatural is one genre which has always been very popular with the audience because getting scared is something that you can experience and it excites the audience. No one knows what the reality is, but they want to know and it has always intrigued the viewers. I am a fan of horror films myself and I get very scared. This genre has always excited me and being a part of ‘Nazar’, it comes from my love for horror and supernatural since forever.”