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‘My kids complete me’: Vivek Oberoi


My children have completed me, ever since Vivaan Veer and Ameyaa have come into our lives there is so much positivity and happiness around, that it is beautiful to come home. Earlier, when I was home with just my wife it used to be more conversations and music, calmness. Now, when I come home there are cackles of laughter, kids running around and such a vibrant vibe that resonates happiness right into the bones, taking away my fatigue. I am a complete hands-on father; I take pleasure in cleaning after my kids, doing nappy duties and soothing them when they are crying. I lot of times what I have said gets misconstrued, I remember saying that we were glad that Ameyaa has been born on the auspicious occasion of Akshay Tritiya and immediately people started asking me if I think my luck will change with the new child and stuff. It is bizarre to put this kind of pressure on a tiny happy princess or even my little prince. I don’t know about luck’s changing and I will leave that to fate, all I know is that my kids make me complete. I have a new identity with them, I am Vivaan and Ameyaa’s father now – my happiness depends on their happiness, my well-being depends on their well-being. All I want from my fans and well-wishers is to keep bestowing the love and blessings on my children, as they have always done for me.