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Muzaffarnagar: The Burning Love- Review, Cast, Story, Director


Film: Muzaffarnagar: The Burning Love

Cast: Ashwariya Dewan, Dev Sharma, Anil George, Mursaleem Quereshi, Ekansh Bharadwaj, Sandeep Bose

Director: Harish Kumar

Rating: * *

The filmmakers claim this film to be inspired by a true incident and going by the name and location you will be well prepared to understand that this is a love story set in the communal flare-up that occurred prior to the UP elections a few months back.

There’s not much here to recommend it though, as the action relating to communalism and the incidents that lead up to it are so stereotypical and clichéd that you are left numb and unreactive to the bloodshed that is spilled on screen, in its name. And the love story is as unremarkably and pitiful as they come.

Aspiring Olympian, Range shooter Dev Malik (Dev Sharma) returns to his home town, Muzaffarnagar, for a break and meets up with Sara (Ashwariya Dewan) an aspiring cop. There’s friction at first, then love blossoms but in the interim, there’s a communal divide to overcome while Jodha Singh (Anil George), the local land Mafioso is out to subdue his opponents, Dev and his father included. What a pitiful addition of a plot to what could have indeed been an honest exploration of the flare-up that turned the tide in the UP elections to favour the Right wing. While there’s energy and a fair bit of bombast in the telling, the issue of communal violence gets trivialised. Expecting the honest truth and gritty reality from filmmakers out to exploit real life incidences for mainstream Bollywood bait, is unrealistic I guess.