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Must read! Kareena Kapoor’s shares some of her pregnancy secrets! 


Kareena Kapoor Khan broke the old tradition of hiding pregnancy and love affairs from the public and media. She has given a great confidence to the aspiring mommies, the ways she had carried her self when she was pregnant inspired many woman. She has flaunted her baby bump in elegance and style which is commendable. In an interview to Deccan Chronicle Kareena said “Someone recently commented on a picture of mine post a yoga class and said I looked fat, I realised how insensitive people can be even if a woman has just delivered,” said Kareena, who is working day-in and day-out to shed those extra kilos.

She further added, “It got me thinking about how women must feel about (and deal with) changes in their body post delivery. Maybe their world shatters, maybe they feel so under-confident that getting back into fab shape starts feeling like a faraway dream.” And therefore she penned down personal notes for every women. “I want to share with you what I learned during my pregnancy and post delivery, my personal notes you can call them,” Concluded the actress and now a proud mother to six-and-a-half month gorgeous son Taimur Ali Khan Pataudi.

Here are the tips from Kareena Kapoor Khan

1. Fitness was her first moto and she loved to be in shape all the time. So she always tried to eat healthy and keeps herself healthy. This was the base which helped her during her pregnancy to travel around the world and she made public appearances. “I look the way I do because I have been at it for a decade, and not because of what I did or didn’t do in the last two weeks or immediately post my delivery”,said Kareena.

2. live your life don’t limit yourself and most importantly don’t give up. When you are pregnant people tell you many things don’t dot this, don’t do that, don’t eat this it has high fat and high carb it’s the most vulnerable stage a woman can go through.It’s the one time that you may actually consider every random advice coming your way and worse. So keep up with eating wholesome food, don’t let some random fool tell you that it has too much carbs or fat or whatever. Wear the clothes you want and don’t limit yourself to mommy’s section or whatever. You are alive, with another life inside you, so if anything, live every moment twice.

3.when you are pregnant you are in other shape and even after post pregnancy, so don’t try to get rid of these extra fats as soon as possible.The extra fat is required for many important tasks such as lactation and protection of both the baby and the mom from infections and illnesses. If you have a long history of fitness and ate right through the pregnancy, then just like the body grew, it will also shrink back naturally.

4.Don’t forget yourself after you deliver, remove some time for your own self be in peace. Pregnancy is tough, delivery is tougher and the toughest job of your life, motherhood, is just about to start. You should always take help from family to raise your baby maasi, older cousins, let them spend some time with the baby while you get some peace and time to yourself.A baby who grows up around a healthy and happy mom can build a good life for herself and contribute towards society much more meaningfully.

Pregnancy and motherhood are fun if you are ready to enjoy every change in the body, every milestone with your baby. Mother and child is a bond that transcends waistlines, religious lines, borders and beliefs. Here’s to all of us, the women of today and the children of tomorrow.- Inputs from Deccan Chronicle