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Must Read: How Sridevi became the most popular ‘Nagin’ of Bollywood


We have recently seen the modern Indian Nagin, Mouni Roy who has essayed the role of Nagin in her popular show ‘Nagin’. But if you ask anyone about the ultimate Nagin of Bollywood, people would only say one name. That is none other than, Sridevi.

Yes, she has done couple roles of Nagin in the films like Nagina (1986) and Nigahen (1989). The Mom actress had nailed the show by her solid performances. However, you guys must have not knowing the real story of Sridevi about being an ultimate Nagin of Bollywood.

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Jaya Prada Out Sridevi In for ‘Nagina’ (1986)

Actress Jaya Prada was offered a role of Icchadhari Nagin – Rajni. However, Jaya was scared of to shoot with snakes, thus she rejected the role. But, director Harmesh Malhotra didn’t lose his hopes and approached Sridevi for the role. Later what, Sridevi had accepted the role and created a magic on-screen. Her performance was so powerful that people have forgotten old Nagin played by Reena Roy.

Hard work to be a perfect Nagin

To get into the skin of the character, Sridevi had to use many contact lenses of different-different colours. Nevertheless, she had also learned a proper Nagin dance from the ace choreographer Saroj Khan. Then what, Sridevi’s Nagin dance has become so trendsetter that people till now do Nagin dance at parties.

Sridevi in Nigahen (1989), a sequel of Nagina

After Nagina’s humongous success at the box office, people started loving Sridevi as a Nagin. Thus, the makers of Nagina’s sequel, Nigahen, had again cast Sridevi in the film and as expected Sridevi again nailed the silver screen by her performance.

Best Actress for the role of Nagin

Sridevi was so brilliant in Nagina that critics could find any better choice than her as the best actress. Yes, Sridevi had won Filmfare Best Actress Award for the role of Nagin in Nagina.