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Music encourages me to live life


Sujata Majumdar in conversation with the talented singer Sukhwinder Singh.

He is gifted with the most unusual voice. It has the power to charge up his listeners and audiences to the fullest. Sukhwinder Singh is a uniquely talented playback singer, a ground breaking music composer, and a creative lyricist. He has a huge number of songs and several esteemed awards to his credit. He has earned a special position in the music industry and gears up for exciting projects ahead.

Q: What is the significance of music in your life? 

A: Music has breathed life in me. I cannot imagine life without music. Only Music can enthrall me apart from music.

Q: What about your musical relationship with A R Rahman, Vishal Bharadwaj and Gulzar Saab?

A: I consider A R Rahman as my Godfather. The song “Chhaiyyan Chhaiyyan” which boosted my career by creating history was written by Gulzar Saab. So the Rahman-Gulzaar combination has been lucky for my career. Similarly, Vishal Bharadwaj-Gulzar-Sukhwinder combination has proved to be beneficial. We have tremendous musical and lyrical compatibility.

Q: What are your views on reality shows? Are they really advantageous for newcomers?

A: Any reality show is a very good platform for newcomers as they get instant fame by appearing on the television media by performing before celebrity judges and millions of people. However it has become quite aggressive nowadays. The newcomers tend to focus on “drama” instead of singing. If I become judge in a reality show I shall definitely highlight the need to endorse Talent & Style instead of Drama.

Q: You are known to be a highly religious person. How true is this?

A: My religious inclination began with Goddess Saraswati and the most triumphant achievement happened in my life. Eventually, I connected to Lord Shiva and learnt the lesson of universal love. I am a Sikh by religion but equally respect all other religions.

Q: What are your forthcoming projects?

A: My forthcoming projects are “Rangoon” with Vishal Bharadwaj with Gulzar Saab. Further, there is an English number which I have sung for an English play “Monsoon Wedding” which is again for Vishal Bharadwaj. The song is composed in Pahadi Raaga. “Sultaan” is yet another film I am looking forward to. There is “Pranam” with a new music director. I have sung an item number for A R Rahman and also awaiting the release of a song I sang for Salim Suleiman.