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Murder Madhuri: Undignified Gambit



Film: Murder Madhuri

Cast: Jiya Khan, Sharat Saxena, Sonali Joshi, Raza Murad, Deepshika Nagpal, Kiran Kumar, Amit, Vinay verma, Sunita Rana

Director: Ali Mohammed Oosman

The most promising aspect of this film is its shortened runtime. This corny attempt to assuage the collective angst of a people frustrated by lack of vigilance and the unpardonable criminal negligence in pursuing the culprits of heinous acts like rape, is neither powerful nor empathetic.

And to top it, the film makers have unashamedly dragged the ‘Nirbhaya’ angst into this dirt. The script is ridiculous. A girl gets raped; her Dad who is an army vet and proficient in combat looks on helpless while being held down by a few rowdies. And then once the deed is done, he dons the mantle of vigilante to mete out justice to the heinous criminals. Of course it goes without saying that he loses hope with the system and the judicial process.

The story itself, connected as it is with real life incidents, may have had some heft to start with but the treatment meted out by director Ali Oosman Mohammed is so amateurish and unappealing that the entire aspect of rape gets trivialized. All the actors do severe disservice to their craft. There’s no silver lining here and you are certainly not going to feel good about what transpires here in the name of justice. When a grave injustice is done vigilantism usually guarantees a surge of emotion but here the narrative seems like a bad joke and the ensuing revenge spree plays out like a boring computer game.