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Mummies of Bollywood stars: Handle their kids with care


If you thought the Bollywood mothers have taken a back seat and let their star children wander free, well, you are more than mistaken. Here’s just how the mothers are managing the comings and goings in tinsel town!

There are many films and Bollywood articles who spoof at the star mother, mummyji as they are fondly called have a lot interfering stakes in their children’s career. Or at least, that’s how it used to be. With the changing time, it is noted that star-mommies don’t fret around their children anymore. What more, they are hardly ever seen visiting them on the sets. Which films the stars would sign, who should their costar be are no longer in the hands of mummyji, but that doesn’t mean they are ready to relinquish their hold on their babies. After all a mother is a mother is a mother… so while professional realms that their kids are experimenting with, might be a little far from their radar, personal life has been strongly held by these Mothers Of Bollywood!

If there is on actor who has suffered the grief of being a momma’s boy, it is none other than the dishy Ranbir Kapoor. It is not his fault that he was the most sought after boy in town and with all the girls showing up at his house at odd hours, his mother had to start making some harsh decisions for him. To begin with she started telling him that he must stop seeing his girlfriend and have some more fun, or at least that’s what the rumours suggest. Unfortunately, the having fun went right into his system and he hasn’t been able to snap out of it, also things that rumours have suggested.

Nevertheless, after all’s said and done, and some really crass statements have been passed, it so happened that Ranbir was left with only one woman in his life, his mother. He is back to staying with them too, we heard. And he is not the only one who is not let outta his parents sight.c-glam-anchor-1-dec-7

Varun Dhawan might be concentrating on his career with all his might, but his family wants more… more assurances that films is all he will be concentrating on in the near future. There were talks that hinted at the BADLAPUR actor wanting to find a quiet corner in the busy Mumbai, with his rumoured girlfriend, Natasha but apparently star proposes by star-mommy disposes. All plans of living-in happily ever after was dashed off by the parents with no room for negotiations, if Natasha sticks through all this, he really should be marrying her. “Varun has always been one of those actors who has a very single minded dedication towards his craft, he has a very clear idea about what he wants to do in life and in his films and that’s exactly what he does, so while you might perceive it has his mother’s influence, it is just that Varun wouldn’t want to do anything that would disturb or upset his parents,” explained a friend of the actor.

If you think it is the fact that Varun and Ranbir have yet to make it to ultimate stardom and that’s the reason why their parents are keeping a closer eye, you may feel free to think again. While KAABIL is all set to release, it has been whispered around in film circuits that Rakesh Roshan has asked Hrithik Roshan to lie low and not let the whole Kangana episode come in the way of their film release. They actually signed a truce, the two actors and let the bygones be bygones, just because Papa Roshan ensured it so. Till KAABIL, doesn’t see his comfortable spot in the multi-100Cr bracket Roshan’s will have their love lives taking a backseat. How that’s dedication and how.

If you have any misconceptions about how the boys alone are the ones who are attracting diktats from their mothers, think again. She might be throwing a massive punch and doing some killer action in her films like FORCE 2 & AKIRA, but when it comes to having a say in whom she dates, Sonakshi Sinha doesn’t have too much to do out there. There have been rumours about her seeing Bunty Sachdev, and louder rumours suggesting her parents are extremely upset with her choice. While the Sinha’s would dearly love to see their daughter settled, apparently the man with such a colorful history as Bunty, isn’t the appropriate match for their princess.c-glam-anchor-3-dec-7

Colorful pasts are something that is quite upsetting for parents, right Yami? Hrithik’s KAABIL costar too seems to have had a share of parents refusing to accept the love life. While nothing was ever confirmed by neither Yami nor Pulkit, the fact is that there are rumours suggesting the two have called it quits. In fact, there were times when the media has tried to probe Yami about questions pertaining her rumoured affair with Samrat and she has pointedly looked at the reporters and said, don’t mention such things in front of the parents. Wow…. While, all this seems rather unfortunate for the actors, there is something rather adorable about parents not caring about star status and using their trump cards even for A-line actors.