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Mumbai: To meet Varun Dhawan, 14-year-old crazy fan runs away from home in Surat!


A 14-year-old girl ran away from her house and came to Mumbai, just to meet actor Varun Dhawan. The girl’s a huge fan of the actor and wanted to meet him. She was camping outside the actor’s house and even fought with the security guards when they tried to remove her. She refused to leave the place without meeting the actor Varun Dhawan.

During an investigation, the Mumbai Police came to know that the girl’s parents filed a missing case. The girl fled from her house, all the way from Surat, to meet the actor. However, according to the reports, the police could not take the girl back home safely. She still insisted to meet the actor.

As per a report in Mumbai Mirror, a police official said, “The girl insisted on meeting the actor even though security personnel at the building in Khar told her that Varun Dhawan was not at home. She started shouting from outside the building and created a ruckus when she got to know the security guards were not conveying her messages to his residence. A building resident, who heard the girl shouting, then informed us.”

As per reports, the ‘October’ actor Varun Dhawan had earlier also been through troubles because of the fan. The actor has had many crazy fans, who have sent him marriage proposals and have stood outside his house.