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The Final Exit: Intoxicating but not on song


Famous Fashion photographer Vidyut Sehgal (Kunaal Roy Kapoor) lives the hedonist’s life and has the hallucinations that go with drugs, alcohol and women. When one of his dreams come true- i.e meeting one of the beautiful women from his dreams, he takes his chances and spends the night with her only to find out that even that might have been a dream or a nightmare- whichever way you choose to look at it. This is a mystery that he cannot figure despite the lengths he goes to in the hopes of unravelling it.

He roams the hardy mountainous, Leh, Ladakh landscape searching for something (he doesn’t know what either?) and ends up with several beautiful women and a monk dictating his moves. There’s neither clarity nor coherence in this telling- just a whole lot of haunting imagery that looks stunning in composition but feels empty when put-together with the plot-which goes literally nowhere. A monastery finds primal space in the story but it’s not clear what its relevance or significance is to the central character. So, if you cannot buy this film as a horror mystery, then you could well peg it as a haunted road trip in a Mahindra XUV – one that feels like an extended high- minded commercial for the brand’s latest mid-segment 4-wheeler. Not valid enough reason to make this film!

Film: The Final Exit

Cast: Kunaal Roy Kapoor, Ananya SenGupta, Scarlett Wilson, Elena Kazan, Archana Vedasastry , Reyhna Malhotra

Director: Dhwanil Mehta