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Saansein the last breath: Gasping at Straws


Film: Saansein the last breath

Cast: Rajneish Duggal, Sonarika Bhadoria, Hiten Tejwani & Neetha Shetty

Director: Rajiv S Ruia

A sensualised horror story depiction about a beautiful female crooner Shirin (Sonarika Bhadoria) in Mauritius, whose dark secret keeps her hiding away from amorous pursuers and interested parties. Abhay (Rajneish Duggall) is one such admirer who is not to be easily dissuaded though. Shirin’s best friend Tania (Neeta Shetty) who also happens to be her boss, is the only one who knows that any man who gets close to Shirin ends up dead.

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But Abhay who came to Mauritius for business, happens to catch sight of the beautiful and talented damsel and promptly expresses his love. Shirin, knowing what fate awaits her admirers, prefers to stay aloof. So it’s up to Abhay to convince her that his love is strong enough to face the ‘supernatural’ & ‘ominous’ pitfalls of a relationship with her.

This is typical Bollywood horror factory stuff where the damsel who sings haunting romantic numbers (at least Abhay thinks so), is forced to spring out-of-view in the midst of night so as to keep the supernatural forces at bay—that includes a horny ghost who doesn’t take kindly to anyone human usurping his property.

The explanation given is as feeble and uninspiring as they come- he happens to be a vengeance seeker from her ‘pichla janam/ past life’ where he was the one betrayed. Clichés abound, thrills are sparse and performances don’t leave much of a mark. The treatment appears a little too self aware.

There’s not much narrative tension to make it seem believable and stroppy plotting makes it less than exciting.

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Director Rajiv S Ruia tries hard to deviate from the regimented stuff but the lure of the flesh ultimately becomes too strong. While the scare sequences follow the hackneyed route, there’s palpable sensuality in the representation of the female form even though the exposure of flesh is fairly limited. Even with the short and snappy run time, this isn’t got a hope in hell at the Box office!