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Running Shaadi: Running out of Ideas


Film: Running Shaadi

Cast: Amit Sadh, Taapsee Pannu, Brijendra Kala, Arsh Bajwa

Director: Amit Roy

The filmmakers had a face-off in court regarding the moniker which resembled one of the most prominent marriage portals of the country and they lost the battle. So for most of the film you had to contend with the dotcom word being beeped out or blurred and that happens in quite a few places. Too many to be ignored. Add to that the constant use of Punjabi and Bihari in the dialogues and most of the citified audience is bound to be confused.

Notwithstanding that, this attempted rom-com has some pleasurable moments thanks to the amiable chemistry between the lead players. Ram Bharose (Amit Sadh) who works as a salesman in a saree shop is in love with the owner’s daughter Nimmi (Taapsee Pannu). She likes him but can’t make up her mind about the long term and eventually, after getting thoroughly fed-up about being used, he dumps the job and the girlfriend and agrees to an arranged match from Patna, prompted by his maternal uncle (Brijendra Kala).

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He also decides to go off into cyberspace by setting up a website portal for those unlucky lovers who want to get married but face opposition from parents. The web portal plans out the event and steers the couple through the legal process with as little fuss as possible. After having helped 50 couples through tough choices it now happens that Nimmi too wants to enlist as one half of a runaway couple. But once the ball is set rolling she reveals her real hope and things go hairy-scary from there on.

While the runtime doesn’t seem like a marathon, the experience of it feels terribly laboured. We can’t really figure out why Nimmi had to drum up a hare-brained scheme to get to her true love. Add to that the lover’s unlikely reticence at accepting his true love. There’s no logic in the expansive procrastination laid out in the form of hurdles. There’s of course a whole lot of confusion and obviously manufactured contrivances (passing of a TV serial, loss of face etc) before the lovers can go the happily ever after route. Truly, this one’s a wild goose chase and without much purchase either!