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Movie Review-Wedding Pullav: Stale & Over cooked


Film: Wedding Pullav

Cast: Diganth Manchale, Anushka Ranjan, Sonnalli Seygall, Karan Grover, Rishi Kapoor, Himani Shivpuri

Director: Binod Pradhan

Noted cinematographer Binod Pradhan, failed-actor-turned Producer Shashi & Anu Ranjan team up to direct and produce this stale and over cooked concoction that has neither the pep or the power to fascinate even the least evolved cinematic taste buds.

The film is designed as an entry point into the haloed halls of Bollywood, for wannabe actress Anushka Ranjan, daughter of producers Shashi and Anu Ranjan. So in so far as that objective, it’s quite in the make of things. Anushka gets the lead role, has written-in sympathy on her side and eventually wins the big prize.  And that was to be expected.

She essays the role of the best friend Anushka, who flies down from London  and makes an entry into the wedding arena of her buddy Aditya Sondhi( Diganth Manchale) with all the style and pomp usually reserved for the male-lead’s entry. Anushka is a tomboy and is also referred to as lambu by her friends, including the soon-to-be-groom. Aditya gets engaged to Ria(Sonnalli) and soon enough realizes that he is making a big mistake. Anushka who is also persuaded to get engaged to her bohemian artist boy friend Jay(Karan Grover), also arrives at the realization well into the wedding festivities. With all the families gathered together at the tropical paradise , Thailand, where the nuptials are expected to be held, there’s bound to be some songs, dances and assorted engagements to fill in the gaps.

But there’s no real enticement here. The script borrowed liberally from ‘My Best Friend’s Wedding’ has none of the humor or smarts of the original. In fact everything that transpires here appears tiresome and clichéd. The characters play up to stereotypes and the traditions and ceremonies look like they’ve been designed to take you into Rajshri land. The story and screenplay are the main culprits here. nothing much to it really. Even ajn ace cinematographer(Parinda, Rang De Basanti) like Binod Pradhan couldn’t be expected to make a meal of it.

This intended Pullav has fresh faces, peppy dance music and beautiful locales to give it tadka. But the masala used is totally contaminated and the rice and veggies are hopelessly over cooked. So the Pullav is anything but tasty. So dig in at your own risk!