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Movie Review: The Love is forever – Wannabe but nowhere close to accomplished


Cast: Manoj Verma, Manpreet,Viraat, Sonia, Rana Jung Bahadur, Rajkumar Maan, Anjali Arora, Sompal

Director: Honey Vee

Rating: *

Runtime: 135 mins

A film that is so amateurishly handled that it grates on your unsuspecting nerves right from the very first scene is hard to come by. But this one sticks it.

Take the title for instance- it’s a surefire turnoff. And even if you ignore that most obvious sign of a bad film, and venture in hoping that maybe…just maybe there’d be something that could be praiseworthy amongst all the muck, you are bound to be disappointed.

The story is about the daughter of a Don falling in love with a mere farmer’s son. There could have been good moments come out of that simplistic premise too but the writers and director were not up to the task. The clueless scripting,  sloppy sequencing, deadened performances, pithy dialogue and weak-kneed action don’t allow for any relief. An item number adds more dead-weight to the project and the music which has all-too-few rare notes of sublimity, cannot really make up for the amateurish pomposity of untrained and unaccomplished hands trying to cobble together what the upstarts think of as cinema. This is as trashy as they come!