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Movie Review – The Boy Next Door: Physiological Thriller



Cast: Jennifer Lopez , Ryan Guzman, John Corbett, Kristin Chenoweth

Director: Rob Cohen 

Fatal Attraction meets  American Beauty meets The Graduate (well sort of ) in this morality tale about a high school teacher (Lopez) who has a one night stand with a sexy and over-sexed student (Guzman) Off and on, thankfully more off than on, there have been stories in the press about school teachers who succumb to temptations from (aka exploit) their students.

To her credit Lopez’s Claire Peterson, newly separated  from her unfaithful husband Garrett (John Corbett), tries to ward off handsome, charming boy  next door Noah Sandborn who won’t take No for an answer.

From hacking into her computer to gain admission into her EngLit  class to  hanging out with  her teenage  son Kevin (Ian Nelson), Noah proceeds to threats and blackmail about their steamy encounter.

Mrs Robinson she’s definitely not. You will recall in The Graduate  how Mrs. Robinson (Anne Bancroft),seduces 20-year-old Benjamin Braddock(Dustin Hoffman)  who proceeds to fall in love with her daughter Elaine (Katharine Ross).Sweet Benjamin, Noah is decidedly  not. When Claire  tries to end the relationship, he turns violent. As it turns out, Noah is a psycho  with a history of extreme violence. No prizes for guessing, the  film ends on an ultra-violent note. And, dare we say it,poetic justice.