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Movie Review: Tera Mera Tedha Medha – Hideous Indulgence


Cast: Rahul Bagga, Geetika Tyagi, Reema Worah, Rajesh Sharma, Neeraj Sood, Vinod Nahardih, Chittaranjan Tripathy, Sanjiv Chopra 

Director: Chittaranjan Tripathy

Rating: *

Runtime: 110 mins

It was probably meant to be quirky but this one is totally bereft of sense and sensibility to be that. In fact this is merely a hideous indulgence without any saving grace to help lighten the experience.

Two painters Rajan (Rahul Bagga) and Kamini (Geetika Tyagi) have a tempestuous relationship going-which sees them breaking-up and coming together as frequently as one changes one’s underwear. Rajan can only paint nudes and he takes it as an affront and decides to try some other context –but he is unsuccessful. So he is basically living off Kamini’s earnings. She is successful enough to earn them a swish shelter in the city and take care of their living expenses.  Right in the middle of one of their break-ups Rajan gets kidnapped by a bridegroom seeking family of goons and is forcibly married to someone whose markings are close enough to that of Hidimba. He manages to flee from their clutches and lands back at his girl-friend’s abode repentant and just a little sheepish but it doesn’t take long for another spoke in the wheel to disrupt their togetherness. this time though, it appears that the disenchantment is for keeps. Rajan moves on and finds himself a lusty paramour whose father is a encounter cop. And just when Rajan is all ready to claim love for his new consort, Kamini returns – that too in the middle of a crazy run around in a home where the electricity has just gone out. And it’s pure bedlam thereafter.

The characters and their motivations don’t stick at all. the idea that Shani and Mangal , the determinants of human fate, are the ones playing havoc with Rajan and Kamini’s lives, is quite unpalatable. And that’s because the entire set-up is shoddily enacted and haphazardly structured. Neither performances nor songs matter here. Even so they are pretty much on the level of mediocrity. There’s nothing to laugh about especially since the writing is laboured and the helming is quite ham handed. Throughout the film the heroine sports dark glasses with the corny explanation that she met with an accident which rendered  her ‘day’ sight blurred and her ‘night’ ones , perfect. Contrivance or convenience one may well ask? Can’t be bothered I say!