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Movie Review: Ranviir The Marshall – Wobbly Fight Movie with strong doses of sentiment


Cast: Rati Agnihotri, Rishy, Ramnita Chaudhry

Director: Milind Ukey

Rating: * *

An attempted martial arts show-boat, this fight movie veers off into sentiment and romance before it can get close to it’s true calling- much like it’s lead character.

Written by the director Milind Ukey and his script partner Priyanka Monga, the story details Ranviir’s attempts to fit in with his single mother Ayesha(Rati Agnihotri)’s determined attempts to keep him preoccupied and away from fights and violence. But plagued by dreams of martial arts encounters with shadowy opponents and with no clear-cut idea of why he has them, Ranviir tries hard to stay focused. But a face-off with college bully Karan gives him a taste of what he truly is capable of. His girl-friend Simran (Ramnita Chaudhary) persuades him to take formal training in what she reckons as his calling and Ranviir obliges but keeps it a secret from his Mom. On discovering that her son has already chosen the path she tried hard to keep him away from, Ayesha takes him to a revered guru for formal training. Thereafter it’s only a matter of time before the truth spills out.

While the training and fight sequences are decently picturised there’s not much to be had in the dramatics and the extra stretches due to sentiment. The narrative is not very focused and the performances don’t have the grittiness to lend attachment.  The script stretches thin and the justifications are not very bright or convincing. This one’s a low budget enterprise so there’s nothing fancy here. The film tries hard to fit into the genre space and manages to score a few (though meager) hits along the way.