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Movie Review: Rang E Ishq – Bloody bore


Rang-E-Ishq review

Cast: Muzahid Khan, Kavya Kiran, Deepak kumar

Director: Srinivas Anjanappa

Rating: * ½

A romantic actioner  by design, this first time Bollywood effort by Director Srinivas Anjanappa has all the trappings of a stereotypical violent love story. Set in lawless UP, the narrative follows a social worker whose main objective in life is to unite lovers cast asunder by cast, religion and differences in status. And it’s not exactly an original concept either.

The opening sequence borrows liberally from the Jacky Bhagnani starrer ‘Rangrezz’ where Jacky and his friends whisk away a bride on her way to the marriage mandap in order to unite her with her true love. In this film Aryan(Muzahid Khan) rides his bike en route to the rescue of the bride and touches base with his friend waiting with a priest in tow. The marriage is solemnized and Aryan gets set for another such intervention. His widowed mother wants him to get married but Aryan is too satisfied uniting lovers to do anything about his personal life-until he gets slapped by the bride’s friend Shruti(Oriya actress Kavya Kiran). The slap does the trick and a besotted Aryan follows her to her place of work and finally propositions her. At first she is hesitant but after copious prompting from the ‘bride’ she accepts. But their relationship is in for some heavy duty, violent maneuverings. Shruti is a social worker herself, only child to a rich widower father who gives in to her every wish. She runs a school for the underprivileged which exists on land owned by a local politician and is a bone of contention for builders eyeing a killing. Virat(Deepak Kumar) is the hired goon who is sent in to vacate the school but promptly falls for Shruti himself and declared war on Aryan.

Thereafter it’s about who gets the better of the other and wins the heart of the damsel in distress. Not that you’d care form the manner in which the film is plotted. Shruti is portrayed as someone who frowns at being kissed and claims that love has to be pure and in the next frame she is shown cuddling with the hero and romancing him quite openly and without any qualms. Aryan is also quite poorly defined while Virat takes the cake by being pure evil and villainous. There’s no room for any grey here. The treatment is old fashioned too. The songs are reminiscent  of Rajesh Khanna’s heyday- hummable but not of the same standard for sure. The predilection for horrendous close-ups of the two lead actors make the sit-through tough on the eyes. Their loose expressions and weird angles expose the limiting aspects of the camerawork. Performances are weak and the dramatics are a little too contrived and unnatural that it sits on a strenuous note. The violence, relegated largely to the second half of the film is bloody and pulverizing but inarticulate in it’s assay. The helming is a little too amateurish and the editing lacks finesse. The story is standard issue stuff without any USP to speak of! Clearly, this isn’t entertainment of any sort!