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Movie Review: Murari The Mad Gentleman – Pointless Extravagance


Cast: Sanjay Singh, Asrani, Natalya Llina, Surendra Rajan, Kiran Sharad, Yajuvendra Pratap Singh, Amitabh Acharya

Director: Suzad Iqbal Khan

Rating: *

Runtime: 170 mins

A deflating attempt at pointing out specific social evils , this film might have started out in earnest to frame it’s social theme but ends up as a pointless extravagance thanks to the unwieldy and unyielding narrative that goes around in circles without making much sense.

Murari(Sanjay Singh) an orphan is designated mad by the village folk and shunted out of all village gatherings. Yet he keeps butting into the village folks lives and causes them untold harm (that’s what they believe). Then one fine day he disappears and a Mr Moneybags comes in search of him and the village is stunned. Is it really Murari that the moneyed gentleman is seeking? and what about the big reveal when they all visit Murari’s abandoned haveli in the hopes of getting to the truth?

This one is a disaster really. The script is a blob of confusing ideas and makes little sense. The dialogues career off course along the way. Asrani continues to use his ‘Sholay’ sound blasters to ‘stupid’ effect here. And the rest of the cast is quite indistinguishable from each other. The subplots patched on to the main storyline don’t make any sense either. Don’t know how people can throw away hard earned money on such trivial pursuits. or is it really hard-earned?