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Movie Review: Mr X – Facile trickery!


Cast: Emraan Hashmi, Amrya Dastur, Arunoday Singh

Director: Vikram Bhatt

Rating: * *

Lame tricks take centre-stage in this familial(read Bhatts’) attempt to grab back the Box-office leverage after a series of woebegone flops.

This romantic thriller opens with anti-terrorist experts Raghu (Hashmi) and Simi (Dastur) setting out an escape plan for a busload of terrified passengers held to ransom by a gun-wielding terrorist. The opening sequence reminiscent of ‘Speed’ gets executed rather quickly and we are transported into the next phase of the movie.

The two ATD operatives quickly enough, gun down the suicide-bomber and usher the hostages out of the bus. A wounded man is left behind in the bus and the righteous Raghu, putting his life on the line, leaves his colleague/lover to detonate the bomb while he gets into action trying to save the life of the wounded survivor.

That dramatic beginning notwithstanding, the narrative flares into romantic interludes that emblazons the love between the two operatives.  But Raghu’s involvement in a nasty conspiracy where he’s forced to commit a crime at gun point by chief goon  (Arunoday Singh) puts the brakes on that.

There’s opportunity for him thereafter to get into his vanishing act- as he has been administered some obscure blue liquid that helps him stay invisible for as long as he needs to bring to book the perpetrators of a politician’s assassination and several other incidents revealed later in the narrative.

This of course truncates the burgeoning love between the two operatives and Simi turns into a shrew of the highest order, overnight – Almost fuming fire and brimstone in every frame she is in, thereafter. Until Mr X deigns to visit and showers’ her with his love- albeit as an invisible man.

The story is a little too oft-kilter what with the convoluted plotting, low-on-quality special effects and unexplained and implausible sci-fi elements. Tanmay, the famed internet funny-bone is reduced to playing a geek while Arunoday Singh, who probably is exercising another lifeline in his slow-burning career as actor, rarely hits the venomous notes required of him. With Emraan Hashmi on board, there has to be smooching and it’s done here too but with an invisible Hashmi and a puckered-lipped Dastur. There’s also a copious display of new-found Hashmi brawn but it’s not all that becoming either. Hashmi tries hard to make this flaky fantasy stick but the rest of the cast don’t have the restraint or the skill to provide him with the required support. Vikram Bhatt’s ham-handed helming doesn’t allow for any great thrills either