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Movie Review – Me: Weird Dynamics


Me Feature Film

Cast: Adil Aman, Sammeer Satiish, Gurpreet Kaur
Directed by Sammeer Satiish
Rating: * *

A film that prides itself on being a well researched effort that involves a mental illness called Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, ‘Me’ is about a loving wife turned Psychologist Sarah Kapoor (Gurpreet Kaur) who uses her husband Aryan (Sameer Satish) as guinea pig for her research on OCD, gets lauded for that effort and promptly sets about flirting with a noted Psychiatrist, Dr Khan (Adil Aman) ostensibly to get his help in curing her husband. The paranormal and the contra-normal take centre-stage thereafter.

Aryan and Sarah start experiencing strange phenomenon in their lives. it almost appears that Sarah has a doppelganger. Aryan deteriorates further into a catatonic state and Dr Khan’s efforts appear destined to fail. The premise was definitely interesting, but the treatment fails to drum up interest in the dynamics that are in play here. The presentation appears a tad simplistic and terribly amateurish. Performances too sound stilted and unnaturally poised. While the ending does throw up some surprises, it’s quite excruciating waiting around for it to unfurl. The ponderous pace and the deliberateness with which the conversations have been engineered, doesn’t allow for any great involvement. This one’s really tough to sit through!