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Movie review: London has fallen – Breathless & thrilling 


Cast: Gerard Butler,Aaron Eckhart,Morgan Freeman, Angela Bassett,Melissa Leo 
Director: Babak Najafi
Forget the Egyptian mythological mayhem currently unspooling in multiplexes. Babak Najafi’s action adventure has Gerard Butler doing what he does best: giving the audience a thrilling,paisa vasool experience. verily, I say unto you: this sequel to “Olympus Has Fallen ” will be a smash hit  (just like its predecessor) Our Defence Minister Parikkar will be particularly pleased how the hero treats the bad guys.You will remember Parikkar’s statement: India’s enemies must experience the pain they inflict…only then, will they change.)
The story begins in London, where bells are tolling for the Prime Minister who has died under mysterious circumstances.Heads of state from the world over converge on the British capital for the funeral in what is, a security nightmare: The French Monsieur chugs down the River Thames, the Japanese limo is stuck in traffic, while the Italian and his wife enjoy a private tour of Westminster Abbey,and US Prez (Aaron Eckhart)  is told by his Secret Service head (Gerard Butler) that the quiet is unnerving. Moments later, mayhem erupts. Disbelief must willingly be suspended, so great is the carnage, wreaked with terrifying speed and cold-blooded efficiency in all of the above-mentioned landmarks. And elsewhere.
Your reviewer is certain screenwriters Creighton Rothenberger,Katrin Benedikt, Chad St. John, and Christian Gudegast were inspired by the serial blasts in Bombay and more recently, in Paris.It is clear to the viewer, though not to the principal characters in the movie, that the enemy is within. Practically, all sectors have been been infiltrated: from the cops and health workers all the way to the Top. Still, there is one MI-6 agent, a woman at that, who trusts no one and soon realises a mole inside the admin is hand in glove with the perpetrators of horrific violence.
The mole’s grievance is ludicrous. The reason for the mastermind’s cruel plot is the death of a loved one at a wedding in a US drone attack ( also, see Homeland ) He intends to decapitate the US president live on TV much in the manner of poor Daniel Pearl (whose dismembered remains were buried in a shallow grave in Pakistan) The President is captured. Assaulted before a global audience, which includes the Vice Prez (Morgan Freeman) and the White House staff. Now, the head terrorist brandishes a gleaming sword as the Prez launches into an inspirational address before he is interrupted with a savage blow. Phir kya hua? You gotta see. London Has Fallen is a breathless thrill-ride that pulls all the stops out.