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Movie Review: Kuch Kuch Locha Hai – It’s ‘Locha’ alright!


Cast: Ram Kapoor, Sunny Leone, Navdeep Chabbra, Evelyn Sharma
Director: Devang Dholakia
Rating: * *

A sex comedy that attempts to go over-the-top with the Sunny Leone mystique, ‘Kuch Kuch Locha Hai’ has Ram Kapoor  essaying the role of a 45 year old corpulent Gujarati businessman, Praveen Bhai, resident of Malaysia, who is loco over a film star Shanaya (Sunny Leone). Luckily for him he wins a contest which will get his favorite heroine visiting him at home. Shanaya is on board as a promotional effort for her yet-to-be-released film.

The laughs are meant to be generated from Praveen bhai’s attempts to hide his marital status from Shanaya and consequent efforts to get his family – wife Kokila (Suchita Trivedi), son Jiggy (Navdeep Chabbra) a wannabe rockstar and Naina (Evelyn Sharma) – Jiggy’s girlfriend -to leave home so that he can cosy up with the sexy heroine and teach her Gujarati.

Recent sex comedies have been money-spinners and Devang Dholakia must have thought he was on to a good wicket with Sunny Leone holding the fort. Some might call it sound economics but the manner in which the film has been plotted it does seem a tad confused and totally off base. Sunny’s sex appeal notwithstanding, there’s little else to crow
about here.

The attempt to garner humor from a fish-out-of-water situation is very much obvious and stale. The writing is pedestrian and the direction lacks vitality. Sunny Leone’s presence may heat up the sex quotient but her diction and delivery is still so suspect as to make her sound a little alien to the plot. Ram Kapoor is efficient as the businessman but even his enormous talent doesn’t get the window of opportunity that it deserves. Mainly because there is nothing new here. The characters are cliched and the plotting doesn’t have anything interesting powering it. The screenplay has nothing much to joke about- just some silly, oft repeated age-old situations that don’t exactly measure up as humorous. The treatment is neither interesting nor entertaining. The music is the only saving grace here. It’s quite ear-pleasing otherwise everything here is loud, heavy-duty and conspicuously  overdone!