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Movie Review: Jugni – Folksy Lure


jugni movie review

Cast: Suganda Garg, Siddhant Behl, Sadhana Singh, Anuritta K Jha, Samir Sharma, Chandan S Gill

Director: Shefali Bhushan

Rating: * * ½

Runtime:115 mins

Folk music is central to this film’s theme. A music producer, Vibhavari (Sugandha Garg) sets out in search of new sounds in rural Punjab. She has heard something she likes in Bibi Saroop (Sadhana Singh)’s voice . But how to find her is the question. She doesn’t have a clue. Thus she embarks on her journey to enrich Hindi film music with some folksy rural tones and in the process set her own career on the fast track. For this she has to leave her live-in lover Siddharth (Samir Sharma) behind and embark on a fling with a potential new voice Mastana (Siddhant Behl) from the Punjabi heartland before she decides on a career path that massages friendly egos and not those of past or present lovers.

As a musical this one scores big for it’s original music and excellent voicing. But the device (romantic triangle) used to curry interest just doesn’t work. Vibha appears to be wishy-washy in her love life and doesn’t come across as truly independent or self reliant. The writing fails badly in this respect. Her romantic involvement with Mastana takes away from the pursuit of music and makes the narrative appear to have lost it’s main aim en route.

The wayward plotting doesn’t feel organic to the telling. As a result the overall enjoyment is limited to the original music on song here. The heavy-on-punjabi dialogue also doesn’t make this work easily accessible. Sugandha Garg makes her vivacious presence felt, Siddhant Behl has his moments and so does Samir Sharma. Veteran Sadhana Singh also gets to do her bit. But the mainstay here is the music.

Bulle Shah’s lyrical verses come alive with Vishal Bhardwaj and AR Rahman doing full justice to it. The tempo, mood and momentum of this telling is quite evocative too. The script though could have definitely done better with a rewrite. If that, then this would have been a far worthier enterprise.