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 Movie Review: Ishq Ke Parindey – Heralding new talent!


 Movie Review- Ishq Ke Parindey -

Cast: Rishi Verma, Priyanka Mehta

Director: Shakir Khan

Rating: * * ½

Ishq Ke Parindey – Love Surpasses All Borders features new talent Rishi Verma and Priyanka Mehta , both of whom, despite this being their debut film, have performed quite admirably in the lead roles. First-time Director, Shakir Khan, who has assisted Subhash Ghai in three of his projects, also exhibits  a sound knowledge over the nitty-gritties of narration  and all the elements that go to make it attractive and engaging. Priyanka Mehta has looks in the Salma Agha mould while Rishi Verma, an ordinary looker in the Shatrughan Sinha mould, has a screen presence and magnetism that borders on the intense.

The songs are lilting and hummable , the story is engaging and involving and the runtime is not so much of a stretch. Faiz(Rishi Verma) is studying law in Lucknow, away from his family. He bumps into beautiful Sheen(Priyanka Mehta) who has come along with her only surviving relative in Pakistan, her mother, to visit one of her uncles in India. And promptly falls in love with her. Sheen, though not as quickly, eventually falls for him too.

Then comes the twist… A dramatic gang-related killing in broad daylight reveals Faiz’s secret. And Sheen is bereft because she sees no future in them being together from hereon. Based on that conclusion  her family arrange her marriage to her cousin and while the ceremonies are being held, Sheen decides to give love a chance and leaves home to seek out Faiz. The two young lovers try to find a refuge but end up facing violence and near death situations. The end result may not be convincing totally but the manner in which the story has been presented, the treatment, the lilting melodies that lend it romance and the gritty performances allow for great engagement. Solid confident helming. supportive editing and camerawork, intriguing locations and rich production value allow for greater involvement too!