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Movie Review: I Love N Y – Past Mistakes come to haunt!


Cast: Kangana Ranaut, Sunny Deol

Director: Radhika Rao, Vinay Sapru

Rating: * ½

Just when Kangana Ranaut was riding high on ‘Queen’ and ‘Tanu Weds Manu Returns’ and looking forward to her next fresh release ‘Katti Batti’ comes this blast from the past – best forgotten and even better unheralded.

A romedy, this love story, basically about one New Year’s night in New York/Chicago has two strangers living in two different cities with accompanied personal baggages, fall in love against all odds.

The odd couple consisting of Sunny Deol trying to be casual and romantic as a serious Banker, while Kangana;  too stiff, high strung and shrill to be lovable as a talented musician, look extremely weird together. They are tossed into each other’s company by the hand of fate in a comedy of errors. But it’s neither funny nor enchanting. And just as the world is celebrating New Years, the two stranger’s realise their own romances are falling apart…

And no amount of acting talent can camouflage the obvious disparities arising out of age and totally different worlds altogether. The end result is an entirely unconvincing attempt to make the odd couple look the part of die-hard romantics. The writing is unoriginal, the costuming is ridiculous and the dialogues are pretty much unintelligent. The locations and the music are the only saving graces here. This film is bound to tank – no second guessing on that one!