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Movie Review – Hum Tum Dushman Dushman: Ineffectively seeking thrills


Cast: Mashaal Durrani, Sohini Paul, Mukesh Rishi, Ehsan khan, Shahbaaz khan, Pooja Saxena , Mushtaq Khan

Director: Iqbal Durrani

Rating: *

 After several successful decades in the film industry and many successful films, Iqbal Durrani( Kaalchakra, Phool Aur Kaante, Betaj Badshah, Khuddar, Dhartiputra, Mitti), the writer-director all but disappeared from the scene. And it’s been a long hiatus. With his new film promoting his son, Mashaal Durrani , as hero opposite Tapas Paul’s daughter Sohini Paul, Iqbal Durrani hopes to capture the public eye once again. Unfortunately his product appears a little too tacky and out-of-date to curry favor with the current audience.

A desi take on ‘No man’s Land’ the film  has Mashaal play an Indian soldier who gets stuck in a trench in no man’s land alongside his Pakistani counterpart Mukesh Rishi, while both  face a rain of bullets from either side of the border. Both men, given the circumstances, have to keep their wits about them to survive the onslaught and in the process realize the pettiness of their antagonism towards one another. As they become friends, they get to save a Kashmiri boy who steps onto a mine.

A home production always benefits the homespun hero, and Mashaal Durrani gets all the chances to show himself off as a credible actor. Unfortunately his talent is well short of a match. His dialogue delivery may be reminiscent of Raaj Kumar but his acting is far less lustrous. There are several awkward moments in the film and Mashaal can do little to smooth out the creases in his performance. Mukesh Rishi, a stalwart in comparison, has got the role of a life-time and yet he appears wooden and ineffective. The script goes haywire trying to incorporate everything inconsequential in an effort to make Mashaal look good. Music is passable, direction is weighty and unbecoming, while the performances lack conviction or purpose. All in all  a poor imitation this!