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Movie Review : Hum Sab Ullu Hain – Assaultive, unbecoming attempt at Comedy


Cast: Gavie Chahal,VIP, Rakesh Bedi, Rajesh Puri, Upasana Singh, Guddi Maruti, Vishnu Sharma, Sunil Pal, Sandeep Malani, Surinder Singh,  Ayesha, Pranay, Vandana Lalwani

Director: T Manwani Anand

Rating: *

Runtime: 123 mins

Attempting a comedy circus with an assorted bunch of new-age comediennes and inserting a failed love angle in it, this ‘Hum Sab Ullu Hain’ dares to go the long haul with neither a script nor a plot. So you can imagine what you are going to get.

Every one from among the comediennes perform their standard routines without really matching it with any of the others. So basically every one is blowing off hot air and nothing else.

The story line, (if you can call it that) has Chinappa(VIP) stranded in a secluded bungalow along with his partner/ employee. It’s supposedly the night of 26/7 when Mumbai was drowned in rainwater , the likes of a deluge never seen before. As Chinappa and his man settle down, in walks another stranded refugee. And one by one, many more. They all appear to have some connection with Chinappa and  a suitcase filled with greenbacks is passed around in an effort to up the ante on a boring game of passing the parcel.

The actors, their tedious unlettered histrionics, ridiculous set-up , cluttered development, poor conceptualization and even poor dramatics don’t allow for any form of enjoyment. The tedium increases by the minute from the opening shot onwards and by the end you would be lucky if you escaped without a headache. I am still wondering how any sane investor would invest in such a monstrosity. ‘Ullu ban gaya ‘ I guess.