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Movie Review: Hot Pursuit – Sexy road comedy


Hot Pursuit Movie Review

Cast: Reese Witherspoon, Sofia Vergara, John Carroll Lynch, Rob Kazinsky, Matthew del Negro, Richard T. Jones, Michael Mosley

Director: Anne Fletcher

When female filmmakers in America don’t get the same opportunities that male directors do, let’s applaud Anne (Step Up, The Proposal) Fletcher, whose women-centric crime caper “Hot Pursuit” is currently running in cinemas in the city and countrywide.

“Armed and sort of dangerous.” is the tagline of  the American dancer, choreographer, actress and film director’s new movie which revels in the contrasts and extreme ranges of experience of its two principal characters played by  Reese Witherspoon (‘Walk the Line’) and Sofia Vergara (TV’s ‘Modern Family’).

The opposite of each other in large and little ways, the two women embody competing world views and values. Witherspoon’s  prissy, diminutive cop Cooper plays by the rule book. No one is, or can be, above the law. The wily widow Daniella Riva, played by voluptuous Vergara, takes the law in her own hands. But both characters combine polarities: Vergara’s revenge-obsessed smouldering Columbian even lays claim to some piety ( praying, crossing herself) And intelligence. Behind that unbelievably curvaceous exterior is a cachet of grey cells. (“You theeenk brown woman has no brains?”).

What brings these diametrically opposite characters together is a shared goal: security. Witherspoon must protect the hot widow from corrupt cops and the killers of her drug boss spouse. Vergara wants to save herself and exact revenge. Written by David Feeney and John Quaintance, this action adventure road movie is peppered with X-rated laughs as the twosome races through Texas, in a mismatched partnership with murderous antagonists in hot pursuit.