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Movie Review: Home – Kiddies delight


Home Review

Cast (voices of): Rihanna, Jim Parsons, Steve Martin, Jennifer Lopez, Matt Jones

Director: Tim Johnson

Let it be said at the outset: this so sci-fi adventure toon is ideal for Easter-viewing. Children will learn about friendship and family, while adults will enjoy the A-list star voice-overs for the animated characters. The central character Tip is voiced by Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez voices her largely absentee mother Lucy and Steve Martin voices the cowardly alien called Captain Smek.

Oh (voiced by Jim Parsons) is a clumsy, naive but peaceful invader from outer space, from an isolated planet called Boov to be precise. Threatened by the fiercesome, predatory Gorgs, the Boovians who revel in their isolation, invade Earth and relocate humans to Australia. We see Oh is a misfit of sorts, among his own kind and longs for the warm fellowship that his fellow species disdain.

As it turns out, Oh encounters and eventually teams up with Tip who managed to evade  relocation with her pet cat. How they manage to help the Boovians, earthlings and thwart the Gorgs will keep young viewers preoccupied.

Themes of freedom, individuality, fraternity, hope, truth and courage are underlined alongside the need for dispensing with prejudice. Saturated with gorgeous colours, some comedy, and ultra-mod music, Home makes for wholesome if unexciting viewing.