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Movie Review: Hey Bro – Corpulent Mess


Hey Bro Movie Review

Cast: Ganesh Acharya, Maninder Singh, Nupur Sharma and Hanif Hilal.

Director: Ajay Chandok

Rating: *

Intended as a comic action drama, this film has part-time bit-part player cum  full-time dance choreographer essaying the lead role of Gopi, from a tiny village in Rajasthan, who sets out to Mumbai in serch of his long lost fraternal twin brother (Maninder Singh) and Mother(indrani) who were separated from him at birth. With no address or picture to aid him he pursues this apparent lost cause mainly with the hope of an instinctive identification of filial bonding and strengthened by the presumption (garnered from bollywood cinema) that his brother would look exactly like him.

The hunt for his brother lands the bhola in hot water, going from one crazy situation to another. From the law to an outlaw, Land Mafia Don, Baba (Hanif Hilal)- Gopi has to extricate himself, fructify his search and play cupid. But it’s really not a happy sight.

The treatment is mundane, the performances quite simply amateurish, the music is off-putting and the dialogues going for comedy just don’t have the zing to make it stick. Slap-dash and slap-shtick just don’t mesh well here. The casting is a little opportunistic so not much purchase there either. This one certainly makes sitting in theater seem like a marathon. And to add to your misery you come out feeling defeated and demoralized!