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Movie Review : Four Pillars of Basement – Going Psycho


This film is capriciously designed to suit a certain demographic- the front-bencher audience looking for cheap thrills and contrived excitement. Spliced into a manipulative series of events is the story of an attractive woman working as a secretary in a mall who finds herself imprisoned in the basement by her stalker who happens to be the security guard at her work place.

Film: Four Pillars of Basement

Cast: Dilnaz Wadia, Shawar Ali, Ravi Gadariya, Zakir Husain

Director: Giresh Naik

The build-up to that includes demeaning taunts by her co-worker, a molestation attempt by her Boss(Anant Jog) and then a harrowing night of running about in the basement in nothing but a mere slip. For the easily mislead, that might be worthy of interest but for the discerning it’s just another overused ploy to garner eyeballs. With the heroine heeing, hemming and hawing for all but the first ten minutes of the runtime, you might be in for a treat or an eye sore- dependent on how you think.

The film opens with a psycho (Dilnaz Wadia) escaping from a mental asylum and jumping into a cab. Cut to the mall where the heroine is all set to be given the scare treatment.

There’s little logic in the interplay and much less in the premeditated convolutions in the story telling that leads up to a suspect ending. And frankly, by the time you reach there, you are crying for relief too. Too much confusion, a trick ending and little else that makes sense filling in, you’re in for a harrowing time.

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