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Movie Review: Dunno Y 2 Life is a Moment – Can’t figure Y..?


Dunno Y 2 Life is a Moment

Cast: Yuvraaj Parasher , Kapil Sharma, Zeenat Aman, Sadia Khan, Meera, Edith Roth Gjevjon

Director: Tonje Gjevjon, Sanjay Sharma

Rating: *

Runtime: 127 mins

An Indo-Norwegian collaboration with Indian, Pakistani and European actors in it’s queer fold, this film tries hard to score on shock value and antiquated patronage.

The attempt is for a romantic drama that is sweet, funny and queer but not in that order necessarily. Jointly Directed by Tonje Gjevjon and Sanjay Sharma, with script by Kapil Sharma, this film has two young men, Aryan(Kapil Sharma) from Pakistan and Ashley (Yuvraaj Parasher) from India, meet up at a Sauna in Norway and have a sexual encounter  just days before Aryan is expected to announce his engagement to Aisha(Sadia Khan). Needless to say the queer coupling is showcased amidst a backdrop of humor, art and stereotypes.

The film attempts to bridge the cultural divide between India, Pakistan and Norway in a flippant manner using music and romance as solidifying agents to fill up the cracks in social, political and cultural relations between the countries. It’s interesting no doubt, and the locations are fab but the narration is sorely lacking in finesse and luster. Performances don’t rise above passable either. The music by Nikhil Kamath is noteworthy only for Lata Mangeshkar and Salma Agha’s voices. And at this evening stage in both their careers it’s their names that count and not their fading voices. At best, this film could be another shot in the arm for the queer moment. Whether it does any business at the Box office, is another matter altogether!