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Movie Review: Dirty Boss – Overwrought and Rotten


Cast: Raju Kher, Jasleen Matharu

Director: Kesar Matharu

Rating: *


Meant to be a comedy but a real tragedy in the truest sense, this film   with Raju Kher (Anupam Kher’s talentless brother) and popular  Rajasthani folk artist Jasleen Matharu  in prominent roles , is a pitiable concoction of wild imaginings ever displayed on film.

Raju Kher plays a balding, ageing and over-weight film financier who wants to frolic with the heroine wannabes and for that he is willing to open wide his purse strings. His stay at home overweight wife is quite suspicious of his new found extra-marital activities while the sassily dressed house maid with whom he frolicked in the past continues to tease his libido and the female star of the movie he is producing promises much more than she can deliver. So the film financier is not likely to win the windfall he was expecting.

It’s an of-kilter storyline that is singularly revolting. The crude amateurish treatment dolittle to enhance the experience. Add the undeniable fact that the central players are so without class that there’s little hope for a defined performance from any of them. This one is intellectually and aristically impoverished for sure.