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Movie Review: Club Dancer – Low brow effrontery



Cast: Nisha Mavani, Rajbeer Singh, Kapoor, Shakti Zarina Wahab, Judi Shekoni, Karishma Bhandari, Aryan vaid, Ejaz Khan

Director: B Prasad

Rating: * ½

A garrulous exercise at a female lead’s (Nisha Mavani) promotion, this lack luster exercise at film making boasts of an antiquated story-line and poorly articulated histrionics. She is a small town goal (from Punjab) with ambitions to make it big in Mumbai. But fate has other things in store for her. Luck runs out and she has to earn a living as a club dancer which her parents (Shakti Kapoor, Zarina Wahab)  in Punjab  totally unaware about. She’s in fact told them that she is happily married and living a comfortable life in Mumbai. The father is diagnosed with a heart ailment and is promising to come to Mumbai for treatment.  So now the girl is in a fix. How will she hide her lies from her parents?

To hide one she concocts another and a third and eventually gets found out but not before a hired killer makes things difficult and a lookalike brings romance back into the forefront. The cut-paste storyline obviously borrows ideas from sixties and seventies Bollywood hits. The appropriations might have ingenuity but they don’t combine well or play out as logical. The songs are uninteresting and the direction lacks class. There’s nothing remarkable or likeable about the lead performances or the supporting ones. Frankly it seemed to me that the main reason for making this film was to lend the lead ample opportunity to exhibit her assets. As far as I am concerned that’s really no reason to make a film!