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Movie Review-Chinar- Daastaan-E-Ishq: Daunting love story


Film: Chinar- Daastaan-E-Ishq

Cast: Faissal Khan, Inayat Sharma

Director: Sharique Minhaz

Aamir Khan’s brother Faissal Khan gets yet another shot at stardom thanks to Sharique Minhaz , a director who sees the actor as a superb fit for the role of a legendary lover from a well received Urdu novel ‘Jheel Jalti Hai.’

It’s a sort of tragic love story between Jamaal (Faissal) and Suraiyya (Inayat Sharma), childhood friends turned lovers who get separated because of the avarice in the hearts of people that they love and look up to. Suraiyya is married off to a rich old man Salaam.

Complications arise when Salaam kills Jamaal’s mother, who had announced that Suraiyya and her son belonged together. Jamaal seeks revenge and finds it. But after the act he also refuses to forgive Suraiyya for having betrayed him. It’s not much of a valid reason to extend the narration but there it goes. The rest of the runtime is concerned with uniting the two lovers once again.

The Snow capped Kashmiri mountainside looks an appropriate backdrop but it’s not been used well enough to make it worthy. Neither the story nor the telling has anything to distinguish it from the many sordid unbecoming love stories that spill out from the Bollywood firmament.

Faissal Khan is definitely better off living in the shadows of his big brother. Mainstream movies and stardom don’t appear to be his calling. Here’s another one of his vapid outings that we’ll have to delete from our memory banks!